Hello there, my name is Jenna and I am a certified Graphic Designer. Want to learn more about me? Read on!

If you are reading on, hello again! I am currently seeking a full time position as a Graphic Designer in Montreal, QC and I am ready for new challenges in a designer-savy enviroment. I am a motivated, positive individual that has a "can-do” attitude. I have great experience in using my design skills within well known companies in Montreal as well as doing freelance work on the side. If you are interested in viewing my work, keep scrolling! Ps: Don't be shy to scroll back up and click the contact button, I'll be more than happy to work for you.


Check out some of my best pieces I have created through out the 3 years of studying in the field of design

Recipe Book

Exhibition Report

Desing Packaging

Vernissage Poster

Montreal this week

What's for lunch

Baptism Invitation

Poster Contest

Water project


See what my teachers thoughts and opinions are about my hard and soft skills

  • Peter Durand

    Graphic Design Teacher

    Jenna is not only wonderfully creative and inventive, but she is also not afraid to put in the effort to achieve whatever goals she has set for herself. As if that isn’t already enough, she comes all bundled up with such positive energy and enthusiasm that you can’t help but get excited about whatever project she is working on. An opportunity to have Jenna as part of a team should never be missed.

  • Marielle Beauchemin

    Business Communication Teacher

    Jenna has the most positive attitude in life, always cheerful and smiley. Every class she makes the best out of the time she has. Jenna is very creative, she loves to come up with new ideas and the amount of work involved does not make her back down.

  • Barry Muise

    Graphic & Web Teacher

    Jenna brings a fun-loving attitude along with a keen eye for design to each and every class. She is dedicated to her work and is always eager to learn and apply new techniques whenever she can. Jenna's overall positivity is contagious which lends a unique style to her visual art that truly stands out from the crowd.

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